Gopaldhara Rose White Silver Tips

$7.08 / 50 gms tin caddy

This tea is a perfect blend of rosebuds with silver tips white tea, one of the most delicate and refreshing white teas from Gopaldhara Tea Estate. Just like white tea, rose also has great health benefits and is being widely used for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic properties in herbal medicines. Rosebuds are also used to ease nervous tension and stress and its calming effects help relax the mind and body. 

The tea brews into a yellow liquor with a very soothing fragrance and is perfect to have during or after a tiring day. The tea has a light, subtle flavor of white tea leaves with the fragrance of rose. With a perfect combination of rose and a very delicate textured white tea, this is one drink you will want to come back to all the time!

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Gopaldhara Rose White Silver Tips
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This Gopaldhara Rose White Silver Tips can be yours for only $7.08