The Oolong Story by Tea Sommelier Susmita Gupta

$19.70 / 120 gms combo 3 sample pouches

We are excited to bring to you the 3rd Sensory Tea Appreciation Workshop on 23rd August 2023, with the much loved Darjeeling Muscatel. World’s favourite Darjeeling Muscatel is not just rare but also very elusive. Only, perhaps, a handful of tea plants will produce the alluring muscatel flavour in a session, making it as desireable as it is among the tea lovers globally.

In this third Sensory Tea Appreciation Workshop with Tea Artist Susmita Das Gupta, we are excited to explore this session’s freshest and some of the best produced Muscatels at the high altitude gardens of Gopaldhara.

The Sensory Tea Appreciation in a unique way to appreciate and understand the flavour nuances of a fine/specialty tea by applying our senses and taste buds. In this workshop you will also explore multitude of flavours through the Tea Flavour Wheel with every sip of this delectable tea.

We shall be trying these 3 exquisite teas for the workhop:

  1. Nectar Of Darjeeling – The tea consists of finely plucked tippy leaves with a silvery appearance and brews into a golden amber cup. It has a refined fruity flavor topped off with a finish of natural honey; the tea has a lingering and pleasant sweet aftertaste with zero astringency. A refreshing and lively tea that will rejuvenate your soul!
  2. Hand Rolled Spring Beauty The leaves are finely plucked whole leaves. It has a taste of a refreshing lively cup with a refined fruity flavor topped off with the finish of natural honey and peaches and wildflowers
  3. Silver Tips Oolong – This tea is very smooth and mouthful with an exceptionally sweet fruity aroma. It has a prominent fruity flavour with the notes of peach, grapes, and berries with the finish of honey.
The Oolong Story by Tea Sommelier Susmita Gupta
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This The Oolong Story by Tea Sommelier Susmita Gupta can be yours for only $19.70