Белый чай Серебряные иглы

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Silver Needles is an excellent anti-oxidant abundant Darjeeling special белый чай. It is from the Gopaldhara Tea estate and is made by drying the selected buds. It has an intensely aromatic and mellow flavor with a sweet long-lasting finish. It brews into a pale and almost colorless cup and has elegantly smooth with a honey-like richness. It is the purest tea to rejuvenate your body and mind. If you love white tea, you should not miss this.

It is known that tea is made only from buds as the high number of the anti-oxidant present when compared to all the other types. Also, it has some rare polyphenols which have some excellent health benefits.

особый белый чай дарджилинг
Белый чай Серебряные иглы
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