Avongrove Classic Darjeeling Organic Black Tea – Regular Series

$6.37 / 250 gms paper box

This Darjeeling organic черный чай made by mix clones from Avongrove Tea Estate cultivated at 4000 feet in the picturesque Rangbhang Valley. Crafted by experts, each batch is meticulously packed fresh at the garden, preserving its exquisite flavour.

The dry leaves are brown with delicate golden tips. Upon brewing, it yields vibrant dark orange liquor that gives a robust mountain essence and a milky texture. Its flavour profile is a harmonious blend of sweetness and strength, highlighted by mild roasted flavours that bring to mind the taste of chocolate and raisins. Renowned for its exceptional quality and value, this Darjeeling organic black tea elevates the daily tea drinking to a delightful experience, courtesy of its captivating aroma and descent flavours.

Avongrove garden spread across two hills at the foot of the Himalayas, among tea bushes and dense forest in the valleys, overlooking the Balasun River. The estate is certified organic under US Department of Agriculture (USA), Japanese Agricultural Standards (Japan) and National Programme for Organic Production (India & the EU). It is also Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified by ISACert B.V., the Netherlands for food safety standards.

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darjeeling organic black tea
Avongrove Classic Darjeeling Organic Black Tea – Regular Series

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