Чай из листьев розы – Премиум серия

$5.15 / 100 грамм бумажная коробка

This tea is a blend of rose buds and carefully crafted mildly oxidized Darjeeling tea. Чайная плантация Гопалдхара in Darjeeling is planted with high-quality bushes that reach elevations of about 7000 ft. The low temperature at such high altitudes makes the tea bushes grow more slowly making the premium Darjeeling teas more flavorful. 

The tea brews into a smooth cup with a pronounced rose flavor and there is a nice balance between the textured fine Darjeeling tea and aromatic rose taste. This tea is best consumed without any milk, sugar, or lime as the taste, flavors and aroma are very delicate.

чай из листьев розы
Чай из листьев розы – Премиум серия
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