Gopaldhara 牡丹花环 (RTD – 47) – 大吉岭手工花茶

零售价: $7.28 / 25 克锡盒
报价: $5.81 / 25 克锡盒


Gopaldhara Peony Rosette – Darjeeling Handcrafted Flower Tea is a very rare tea, made from pure buds picked from the choicest selected sections of the garden. These buds are then crafted into a flower with a lot of care to make sure the buds don’t break. Making flower tea requires a lot of craft and is always done by the most experienced garden workers, under the watchful supervision of the manager.

During the process of making the flower, these buds undergo slight fermentation, which matures into a light-bodied liquor with a deep mesmerizing aroma and an intricate smooth taste leaving behind a lingering aftertaste. These flowers can be brewed multiple times, and each brew will give you a different flavor that will become stronger before eventually becoming lighter. The flavors are very fruity with rich notes and without any astringency.

Gopaldhara 牡丹花环 (RTD – 47) – 大吉岭手工花茶


Gopaldhara 牡丹花环 (RTD - 47) - 大吉岭手工花茶 可以只属于你 $5.81