Rohini (RT-64) Jethikupi – 磨砂乌龙 2022 – 皇家系列

$7.82 / 50 克纸盒

This is a limited edition Darjeeling 乌龙茶, produced at Rohini Tea Estate in the winter season. In this season, the growth of Darjeeling tea is very slow, and the workers can only bring in a very small quantity of leaves, making it very special. The workers carefully pluck the tea leaves while ensuring that only the best shoots with eminent buds are plucked. The teas are very mildly oxidized and are delicately processed, causing minimal damage. This results in an amazingly clean cup with very high aroma notes and mixed flavors of green apple, Ceylon olives or Indian olives, Indian gooseberry, pear, vanilla with the strong fresh flavor of typical 157 clones.

Rohini (RT-64) Jethikupi – 磨砂乌龙 2022 – 皇家系列
Rohini (RT-64) Jethikupi – 磨砂乌龙 2022 – 皇家系列 可以只属于你 $7.82