Rohini (RTE-32) 胡椒白 – 2022 年秋季同花顺 – 皇家系列

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$5.15 / 25 克锡盒

This peppery white is very unique and completely different from any other Darjeeling white tea. It’s made from a special wild clone which is only found at Gopaldhara Tea Estate in Darjeeling. The plucking mostly comprises two leaves and a bud. The teas are very mildly oxidized and are delicately processed to induce minimal damage. All oxidation done is overnight and natural with nothing being induced vigorously. The dry leaves are dark green in colour with lots of white tips having a peppery fragrance. The tea brews into a yellow cup which is very smooth to drink with the presence of a prominent fruity & peppery flavour with a hint of lime & olive. This tea is very light on the palette having a fresh high mountain aroma. The aftertaste is pleasant & long-lasting with zero astringencies.

Rohini (RTE-32) 胡椒白 – 2022 年秋季同花顺 – 皇家系列
Rohini (RTE-32) 胡椒白 – 2022 年秋季同花顺 – 皇家系列 可以只属于你 $5.15