Rohini (RTE-46) – 果味乌龙 – 2022 年第二冲茶 – 经典系列

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This is a unique early 第二次冲洗 tea 2022 from Rohini Tea Estate of Darjeeling made with small leaves and buds from high-quality clonal bushes. The leaves are freshly plucked in the first week of May. And the month of May is very interesting for low to mid-elevations in Darjeeling. Growth is prolonged and the weather is quite dry, with not too much rain. Suitable temperature and low humidity. It is a period of slow growth and coincides with the greenfly attack. It leads to stunted growth. The perfect condition for making oolongs but the window period for making this kind of tea is very short.

This tea is semi-oxidized to ensure that all the exquisite flavours are prominently present. The dry leaves are brownish with random silvery tips which brew into orange liquor & medium-bodied cups. The liquor is very smooth with a fruity aroma and flavour. You can also feel the hints of peach and berries devoid of any astringency and bitterness. A specially crafted cup for oolong tea lovers.

Rohini (RTE-46) – 果味乌龙 – 2022 年第二冲茶 – 经典系列


Rohini (RTE-46) – 果味乌龙 – 2022 年第二冲茶 – 经典系列 可以只属于你 $4.50