Darjeeling Second Flush- Royal Series Sample Pack 2024

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人生は常に単純ではありません。複数の選択肢が提示されることがありますが、1 つだけを選択するのはかなり難しい命題のように思えます。何かが他のものより優れているかどうかをどのように判断しますか?正しい選択をするためには、あなたに提示されたすべてを体験しなければなりません。視野を広げて、何か新しいことに挑戦してみましょう。

We have introduced a selection of Tea Taster Pack consisting of 8 different types of finest Royal Series Teas from Gopaldhara & Rohini Tea State that varies in texture, aroma, and flavours. This is a great way to explore different types of white teas from the usual daily favourites, perhaps even find a new favourite.

このテイスター ボックス コンボは、友人や家族とシェアするのに最適です。お茶好きの方へのプレゼントにも最適です。


    1. ダージリンのマハラジャ – お茶は非常に上質な味わいで、高級茶の特徴をすべて備えています。非常に明るいオレンジ色で透明なカップに淹れられ、滑らかなフルーティーな味わいとマスカットの特徴があります。余韻は長く、蜂蜜のような甘さがあり、魅惑的です。これは私たちの最高級のセカンドフラッシュティーの1つであり、すべての夏のお茶愛好家にぜひ試していただきたい商品です。これらすべての品質により、お茶の王様と呼ばれる資格があります。
    2. Dark Chocolaty Muscatel – This tea is crafted from the Gopaldhara Tea Estate’s finest AV2 bushes, is a rare gem with a rich, deep flavour profile. The tea’s brownish leaves with golden buds transform into a dark orange cup, with notes of sweet, woody, malt, toffy, and dark chocolate.
    3. Gold Thor Fruity Muscatel Rare Hand Rolled – This is a top Darjeeling second flush tea made from AV2 bushes, expertly oxidized to extract flavour without crushing or cutting the leaf. It is clean, honey-sweet, and well-rounded with a ripe fruit finish. Handpicked without machinery, it has prominent buds and is the best lot in the second flush muscatel category.
    4. Everest Orchid Burgundy Muscatel – You will find a honey-sweet and very well-rounded muscatel finish with the notes of ripe fruits, almost like red wine. This tea is very clean with absolutely no hints of astringency and harshness.
    5. Peppery Oolong – This unique Oolong tea, Bhime 2024, hails from Darjeeling’s Rohini Tea Estate in India. Made from a rare wild clone known as Bhime, discovered after gaining control of the estate, it features dark green leaves with white tips emitting a peppery aroma. Brewed, it produces a yellow cup with a strong fruity and peppery scent, offering a pleasant taste without any harsh aftertaste.
    6. Silver Tips Oolong Bug Bitten – This tea is very smooth and mouthful with an exceptionally sweet fruity aroma. It has a prominent fruity flavour with the notes of peach, grapes, and berries with the finish of honey. You can feel the lingering aftertaste which lasts for a very long time.
    7. プラムマスカテラ – The tea is extremely full and expertly fully oxidized to extract all the flavour. This tea is very clean with absolutely no hints of astringency and harshness. It is honey-sweet with a very well-rounded Muscatel finish and notes of ripe fruits.
    8. ペペリーブラック – This exceptional black tea from the Rohini Tea Estate in Darjeeling is known for its distinctive taste of musky, floral, and peppery notes. Made from Camellia Sinensis leaves, it has a smooth, pleasant aftertaste with no astringency.
Darjeeling Second Flush- Royal Series Sample Pack 2024
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