Darjeeling Second Flush – Reserve Lots Sample Pack 2023

$12.46 / 50 gms combo x 5 taster boxes


Life is always not simple. Sometimes we are presented with multiple choices and choosing only one seems to be a rather difficult proposition. How do you decide whether something is better than the other?  To make the right choice you have to experience all that is presented to you Darjeeling Special Second Flush Tea, expand your horizon, and try something new for a change.

We have introduced a second flush teas sample pack in 1 combo that varies in texture, aroma, and flavor. This is a great way to explore different teas from the usual daily favorites, and perhaps even find a new favorite.

  1. Muscat of Darjeeling – Savor the rarity and exquisite finesse of this extraordinary summer tea. Its infusion reveals a deep orange hue, exuding a captivating fruity muscatel character. With each sip, a cascade of honey-like sweetness envelops the palate, culminating in a harmonious complexity and a lingering aftertaste of ripe fruits.
  2. Silver Tips Oolong – This kind of teas are truly rare and you only find them in Gopaldhara Teas. The tea brews into an orange cup which is very smooth to drink with the presence of prominent fruity, muscatel, and mild green chilly flavour.
  3. Plum Muscatella – The tea is extremely full and expertly fully oxidized to extract all the flavor. This tea is very clean with absolutely no hints of astringency and harshness. It is honey-sweet with a very well-rounded Muscatel finish and notes of ripe fruits.
  4. Oriental Summer Oolong – Delighting the senses, this second flush oolong offers a plethora of fruity notes and a rich, full-bodied flavour profile. Its complexity unfolds as each sip reveals a symphony of delightful tastes.
  5. Gold Buds Black – The dry leaves appear to be brownish with lots of golden buds. This finest second flush gold buds tea brews into a bright orange and clear cup having mouthful, sweet & fruity muscatel character with a finish of honey.
Darjeeling Second Flush – Reserve Lots Sample Pack 2023
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This Darjeeling Second Flush – Reserve Lots Sample Pack 2023 can be yours for only $12.46