Pine Wood Chestlet – Rare Muscatel Gold

$6.31 / 50 gms wooden gift box

Pure Darjeeling Black Tea Wooden Gift Box. A perfect gift for those lovely occasions. Ideal for Weddings, Corporate Gifting & Guest Honoring. Enjoy the fresh aroma and taste of the finest Darjeeling Tea from our Gardens freshly packed.

It is a rare and precious second flush black tea from Gopaldhara Tea Estate. It is a tippy tea made from more than 130 years old high-quality china bushes planted by the British. It brews into a rich orange cup which gives abundant sweet muscatel character and mouthful flavour with a woody taste and notes of ripe fruits. It is a well-layered dense tea that is very smooth to drink and you won’t find any astringency in this. It is definitely one of the best second flush black tea produced by Gopaldhara Tea Estate from the old bushes. You will like it more if you like the old-style Muscatel tea from Chinary bushes.

Pine Wood Chestlet – Rare Muscatel Gold
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This Pine Wood Chestlet - Rare Muscatel Gold can be yours for only $6.31