Lavender Tea with Herbs

$6.24 / 125g stand up pouch

One of the standout offerings in our herbal tea selection is Lavender Tea with Herbs, renowned for its calming properties. This exceptional white tea blend takes you on a journey to tranquillity, harmonizing the soothing essence of lavender to craft a cup of exquisite beauty, adorned with a gentle golden hue and an unforgettable flavour profile. Our tea is meticulously curated using premium high mountain White Tea leaves, Lavender blossoms, Tulsi (Holy Basil), and Lemongrass, resulting in a light and invigorating brew with delicate floral and sweet undertones. We take pride in using only natural ingredients, free from additives.

This caffeine-free blend offers a serene experience that can be savoured at any time of day. Immerse yourself in the refreshing cup, a delightful fusion of calmness and flavour. Lavender, renowned for its therapeutic qualities, is believed to promote relaxation, alleviate pain, and stabilize mood. Emerging research even suggests its potential in addressing neurological disorders, offering benefits like anxiety reduction, sedation, and neuroprotection. Tulsi, on the other hand, acts as a shield for your organs against pollution and heavy metals while normalizing blood sugar, blood pressure, and lipid levels. It also enhances memory, reduces anxiety, and exerts antidepressant effects.

Discover the epitome of tranquillity in every sip of our Pure Lavender White Tea with Tulsi and Lemongrass, where the art of blending meets the science of well-being.

Lavender Tea with Herbs
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This Lavender Tea with Herbs can be yours for only $6.24