Gopaldhara (RTE-39) Muscat Of Darjeeling – Second Flush 2023 – Master Series

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Experience the epitome of summer tea in the serene Darjeeling hills, where the AV2 bushes flourish. Nestled within the Gopaldhara Tea Estate, the pinnacle of tea quality is achieved at elevations ranging from 5500 to 7000 feet. Here, the esteemed AV2 clones, cherished in Darjeeling, are meticulously cultivated.

Handpicked with utmost care, only the finest shoots with prominent buds are selected by the skilled garden workers. Embracing a tradition of craftsmanship, the leaves undergo a meticulous oxidation and rolling process that preserves their integrity, without any crushing or cutting. This delicate approach ensures a cup of unrivalled purity, devoid of astringency or harshness.

Savor the rarity and exquisite finesse of this extraordinary summer tea. Its infusion reveals a deep orange hue, exuding a captivating fruity muscatel character. With each sip, a cascade of honey-like sweetness envelops the palate, culminating in a harmonious complexity and a lingering aftertaste of ripe fruits. Without a doubt, this exceptional second flush tea stands as one of the most exceptional offerings from the Himalayan region of India.

Indulge in the splendour of this summer tea, a testament to the devotion and artistry that epitomizes the Darjeeling tea tradition.

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rare second flush tea 2023
Gopaldhara (RTE-39) Muscat Of Darjeeling – Second Flush 2023 – Master Series

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