Darjeeling Sencha Green Tea 2023

$4.98 / 125 gmspaper box

This Sencha Green Tea is produced from high-quality Japanese green tea clones which have less tannin content, making the tea less bitter. The leaves are plucked young and tender to produce a smooth cup. The tea brews into a bright green cup has a refreshing energy with a balance of sweet juicy flavors and a deep crisp refreshing finish.

Green tea has powerful catechins and antioxidants which are known to fight viruses, destroy free radicals, and have far-reaching positive effects on the entire body. It’s also known to reduce high blood pressure, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, fight cancer and slow down ageing.

sencha green tea
Darjeeling Sencha Green Tea 2023
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This Darjeeling Sencha Green Tea 2023 can be yours for only $4.98