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Buy Authentic Darjeeling Tea Online

Our family is in the tea field for three generations now and here we live, talk, breath and dream of tea. We like to share the love for tea and want to make best cup for you.  We value it and uphold this inheritance. From planting, plucking, manufacturing and sorting we research in every aspect because we belief the best tea leaves can only make the best cup.Buy authentic Darjeeling tea online and experience the real taste of Darjeeling.
Buy Darjeeling Tea Online
Shopping Authentic Darjeeling Tea Online from Gopaldhara is advantageous because you can get fresh teas from the highest elevated Tea garden in Darjeeling region directly. All the teas we sell are fresh, packed and stored with utmost care. The freshest tea you’ve ever tasted, from crop to cup. We select and cultivate the richest flavor teas that suit your taste and palate.

We believe every tea drinker deserve to know about every cup that he drinks. So we ensure to provide all the details like color, date of manufacturing, elevation of tea growing, taste, scent of tea, texture of leaf so on and so forth.

Tea is a tradition at Gopaldhara and generations have passed down the doctrine and expertise. It’s very interesting to see that the same camellia synthesis can be processed into lot of different possibilities. There are 4 basic varieties in
Darjeeling Tea like green, oolong, white and black. These varieties then have lot of variation to suit every pallet, like
a green tea has sencha green tea, elixir, summer green nirvana, vintage green. We are planters and manufacturers so there is no middle men involved by this the cost reduces and we make sure every gram of tea that is fresh.

Buy Darjeeling Tea Online

This direct approach from source to the consumer has a drastic impact over the pricing as you get best value for money in terms of prices as well as offers. When you buy authentic Darjeeling tea online with us, you can be assured of the best product.

It is also a fact that the higher the elevation the tea becomes better and sweeter, also elevation plays an important role in cultivation practices as at those high altitudes no pesticides insecticides are used on tea. In harmony with nature we are certified by Rainforest. Certified with ISO22000 & ETP, we are internationally proven our quality in Darjeeling Tea.

Gopaldhara has come a long way since it was established in 1881 by British Empire. After 1955 take over by Saria Family the quality of Tea has become consistent and no doubt today we are most appreciated teas worldwide. Recent Gold Award at French Gourmet Foods Festival for our First Flush Tea proves that too. Backed with expertise over 60 years the focus has always been into making a a good cup of Darjeeling Tea.

Gopaldhara Tea Estates has served more than billion cups of tea in last 134 years since it started tea cultivation in 1881 during the British reign. With utmost passion and crafted by tea experts, we bring you the best of quality, value for money and freshness assured. Our pluckers who efficiently plucks the best leaves to give the most flavorful cup of Tea.
Located at almost 7000 ft above sea level Gopaldhara is one of the highest elevated tea estates in Darjeeling Region with producing all season teas.
It has taken us a long long way to reach here since then. 134 years of tea cultivation expertise with 4 Gardens we produce all varieties of Teas for the Global Tea Lovers.

Gopaldhara has already gained great heights in Darjeeling Teas with its World famous First Flush Tea. Buy Authentic Darjeeling Tea Online and experience all the flavors across all three flushes.

Its not a Tea, its a Gopaldhara. Its an experience which every person should try once in his lifetime and understand how a simple plant can give you a fulfilling experience. Gopaldhara is also one of the most picturesque garden in Darjeeling where every tourist would like to have a glance and take memories along with him. Visit our website to Buy Authentic Darjeeling Tea Online.

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