Coupe pleine de superstitions




In 2016 where science and technology has developed so much, people around the world have developed a lot of superstitions and are still deciding their fortune over a cup of tea. Let’s have a look at the different superstitions that people believe.

  • Weak tea suggests that a friendship will be lost or diminish. Strong tea, on that note, means that a new friend will arrive shortly into your life.
  • Leaving the lid off the teapot will bring troubles. Others say it simply means that someone will come to visit, particularly a stranger.
  • Any tea left in the cup after it is turned upside down to drain (a traditional part of reading) suggests misfortune in the future that will result in tears.
  • One small ritual that could be performed when a stranger or distant acquaintance came for tea was to pull out the biggest, most prominent leaf from their cup and stick it to their hand. Then, they would clap, and if the leaf remained stuck to the hand, they were true and kind, but if it switched hands or fell on the floor, they were bad news.
  • Scattering tea leaves on your doorstep is good luck and wards off evil.
  • If you put milk in your tea before you pour in sugar, you will either never marry or simply be unlucky in love. Some sources credit the French with this superstition.
  • Never stir the tea with anything other than the blunt end of the spoon. This is bad luck.
  • Spilling tea is actually considered lucky.
  • If the sugar you place in your tea doesn’t properly dissolve, and there is some left in the cup, it suggests someone is falling in love with you or has a crush on you.

In the past there were those who took tea leaf reading very seriously and started each day by swilling the dregs from breakfast cups of tea to decide whether the day was going to be good or bad. But today it’s just a bit of fun and fortune tellers interpret the patterns in the leaves with imagination and inventiveness for the sake of a little amusement. And what better way to create the means of telling your future than by drinking a cup of tea!

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