Elaichi Adrak Chai With Organic CTC

$7.56 / 250 gms standup pouch

Savor the bold and rich flavor of Assam’s finest organic CTC tea, meticulously infused with a harmonious medley of handpicked Indian spices. At the heart of this blend is Green Cardamom, a revered spice in the Indian subcontinent, cherished for its culinary and traditional medicinal uses dating back centuries. Cardamom is renowned for its potential to combat dyslipidemia and oxidative stress.

This aromatic blend also features the invigorating notes of Ginger, the comforting warmth of Cinnamon, the soothing touch of Clove, and the exotic allure of Star Anise. Ginger is a key ingredient chosen for its ability to enhance overall well-being and combat a range of health issues. The aroma and flavor of cardamom will transport you to the pinnacle of India’s milk tea experiences.

Elaichi Adrak Chai
Elaichi Adrak Chai With Organic CTC

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