Darjeeling First Flush White Teas Sample Pack 2024

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Life is always not simple. Sometimes we are presented with multiple choices and choosing only one seems to be a rather difficult proposition. How do you decide whether something is better than the other?  To make the right choice you have to experience all that is presented to you Darjeeling Special First Flush White Tea Sample Pack.

This is a great way to explore different teas from the usual daily favorites, and perhaps even find a new favorite.

  1. Darjeeling Bai Mudan White Peony – High quality young buds and leaves are needed to produce this type of beautiful white tea. They are treated with great care after harvest to preserve the fine white hair present on the leaves. One of the biggest challenges in harvesting and processing this tea is time, energy, and skill.
  2. Darjeeling Bai Mudan White Blossom – Despite its light body, the flavour profile exhibits notable depth, offering a pleasant surprise to the palate. You can easily feel the complex and mineral-rich flavour with the hints of Indian Gooseberry, wild pear, and lime dance upon the senses.
  3. Spring White Tea – Rather than oxidizing this tea, we preferred sun-drying in a controlled method that preserves the unforgettable smooth, creamy, and fruity texture of this beautiful white tea. The picturesque dry leaves are greenish grey in appearance with lots of silvery tips which brews into a pale yellow color liquor. We can also feel a hint of honey, citrus & vanilla flavor in this tea.
  4. White Treasure – It contains the highest percentage of antioxidants and polyphenols among all teas. The tea mostly consists of olive green whole leaves with lots of silver buds. It is the least processed and appreciated by tea connoisseurs for its unmatched subtlety, complexity, natural sweetness, and delicacy.
  5. Darjeeling Romance – It mostly consists of attractive and tender leaves with abundant silver buds, brews into a blissful yellow cup that is mellow, pleasantly sweet, very subtle smooth, and has a beautiful and light floral aroma. The after taste is very refreshing with a sweet and silky clean finish.
Darjeeling First Flush White Teas Sample Pack 2024
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