Rohini (RTE-51) Rare Yabukita Unrolled Bai MuDan White Tea 2024

$10.39 / 20 gms paper box

This rare and delicate Darjeeling Bai MuDan white tea is cultivated at Rohini Tea Estate, one of the youngest tea gardens in Darjeeling. It is harvested during the spring season, known as the first flush, its delicate leaves are plucked from special Japanese bushes selected for their low tannin content, ensuring a refined taste experience. Also the buds and leaves are at their youngest during this time. The bushes are covered with thick natural shades which help the leaves retain chlorophyll and give them a unique taste.

After careful plucking, the whole tea leaves are allowed to rest so that they develop some flavour. This is followed by steaming, drying, but no rolling the tea. One of the biggest challenges in harvesting and processing this type of tea is time, energy, and skill. This reduces the production of small batches which leads to the process becoming expensive.

The picturesque dry leaves are intact in form and appear olive green in colour and contain silvery buds. This tea brews into a very light greenish yellow cup that is rich and smooth on the palate with no astringency. It has vegetal and umami flavours with a hint of pine and wildflowers. Its lingering aftertaste leaves a lasting impression, inviting one to indulge in its subtle complexities time and again.

When it comes to health benefits this Darjeeling white tea has maximum antioxidant content and the lowest amount of caffeine content in it, which makes it healthier. It also packed with polyphenols; it serves as a natural detoxifier, nurturing both body and soul with every sip.

Rohini (RTE-51) Rare Yabukita Unrolled Bai MuDan White Tea 2024
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This Rohini (RTE-51) Rare Yabukita Unrolled Bai MuDan White Tea 2024 can be yours for only $10.39