Rohini (RTD-01) Spring Blossom – First Flush 2024 – Royal Series

$7.84 / 50 克纸盒

This is a fresh Darjeeling 第一次冲洗 2024 just after winter from 罗希尼茶园, the youngest tea estate in Darjeeling. Rohini is mostly the first garden to produce the first flush in Darjeeling. 干燥的叶子外观呈鲜绿色,由精细采摘的整片叶子组成。它具有诱人的甜美水果香气,并带有丰富的新鲜风味。杯子非常果香,醇厚,带有丰富的香气。味道饱满,留下非常愉快和独特的余味。冬季经历的低温赋予茶叶非常独特的特性。

During the month of February when the temperature is low and the climate, in general, is very cool. The tea bushes are grown and harvested at an elevation between 1500-3000 feet. The high elevation imparts a special flavor to this tea, making it unique in the world-class. The workers are very careful in their plucking to make sure only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. The Plucking is of such fine quality that the tea only needs to be hand sorted and the machines used to make the tea are very rare. First flush teas are known to be slightly oxidized to ensure that all the exquisite flavors are prominently present. This tea undergoes natural oxidation during the manufacturing process and as such, there is no induced oxidation for this tea. This Darjeeling first flush 2024 is a true delight and one of our finest choice among many Darjeeling Tea.

darjeeling first flush 2024
Rohini (RTD-01) Spring Blossom – First Flush 2024 – Royal Series
Rohini (RTD-01) Spring Blossom - First Flush 2024 - Royal Series 可以只属于你 $7.84