Why should we drink “Chamomile Tea”

chamomile tea

What is Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile is a daisy like flowering plant comes from the family same as the sunflower & marigold. Chamomile is an herb which people are using for centuries. Among all herbal teas chamomile tea is an extremely popular brew all around the world. The flower of the plant is dried for making different natural & herbal remedies.


Uses of Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile is one of the most anti-oxidant & essential plant, widely used in Ayurveda and other forms of practices because of having several health benefits. Chamomile Tea helps in treating numerous diseases in the human body, including cancer. The tea has calming properties which helps in de-stressing human body and also making one relax. Chamomile is widely being used in treating insomnia. It has less caffeine content in them and can be consumed at night just before going to the bed. It soothes the mind and body and will help you in having good sleep.

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  • If you have an upset stomach, drinking chamomile tea can help you ease the pain. Chamomile decreases cramping in the inner lining of the stomach thus helping release of unnecessary gas and bloating in the digestive track. Drinking chamomile tea on a regular basis can help solve your digestive issues in the long run.
  • If you suffer from colds and coughs very frequently then chamomile tea is your go-to solution. The tea has antibacterial properties that strengthen the immune system and keep it functioning properly.
  • Chamomile can not only be used as a herbal infusion, but it also can be used topically for treating wounds on the skin. Rubbing a small amount of chamomile on wounds and burns can help them heal faster.
  • Chamomile is widely used in cosmetics because of its beneficial anti-oxidants that help fight free radicles. It helps in prevention of bacteria that causes acne, thus improving overall skin health. If consumed daily, it can nourishes and moisturize your skin from deep within.
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