Why Rohini makes First Flush so early?

At Rohini Tea Estate, we have a small block of bushes planted with 157 clones. 157 clone for scientific reason is an early flusher. It gives leaf on a comparative basis almost one month in advance when compared to the other clonal variants.

Rohini has 4 Hectares of 157 block which has been giving leaf since the last 10 days. The first plucking started on the 31st of January. We have been able to make 20 Kgs of Tea in 2 days of plucking. The tea is of very good quality as the growth is still slow and it has been made of 100% growing shoot, which means 0% bhanji shoots.

Here again I want to bring this point of growing shoot and bhanji shoot. Any leaves without a bud is called a bhanji shoot. One of the reasons besides climate why first flush teas have special flavor is that it is made from 100% growing shoots. The teas made so far from Rohini are of excellent quality and have been made from 100% growing shoots.

The First Invoice of Darjeeling EX1- Spring Blossoms is already out and getting immense response from Tea Lovers worldwide.


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