Вы беспокоитесь о том, как хранить ваши любимые чаи Дарджилинг?

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There are Six Immutable Laws of Tea Storage which every tea lovers should know.

1 Tea must be kept free from heat

Heat speeds up oxidation. Some delicate teas are best if stored in the freezer or refrigerator, this dramatically slows the oxidation reactions. However, this must be done properly to avoid condensation on the leaves.

2 Tea must be kept away from light

Tea stored in sunlight or near heat sources like stoves, toasters, ovens, or windows, can result in a loss of quality and can give a metallic taste to the brewed tea. Heat also increases the likelihood that moisture will plague your tea.

3 Tea must be kept free from oxygen

Tea leaves continue to oxidize over time with exposure to oxygen. Even when stored in an airtight vessel, some ambient air remains in between the tea leaves and the top of the vessel which helps to oxidize your tea. So, the best container to store your tea is the metal canisters which we provide you.

4 Tea must be kept away from strong odors

Much like moisture, tea is also a good odor absorber. So, if you store you tea near potent items like spices, your tea would taste like cumin! Keep your teas stored in a place far from the spice rack, garbage can, or your coffee collection.

5 Tea must be kept away from moisture

After processing, the moisture content of tea is a mere 2 to 4 percent. As a result your tea is always ready to absorb moisture which can destroy the integrity of your favorite tea. Do you really want your tea to brew before you’re ready to brew it yourself?

6 Tea is best when stored in bulk

A near empty airtight vessel with a tiny bit of tea in the bottom will deteriorate faster than an airtight vessel completely full of tea. To keep your tea the freshest, fill your storage vessel as much as possible, shake it to let the tea settle, then fill it some more.

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