FTGFOP1 Jethikupi White 2017 от Rohini Tea Estate — обзор Джона Бикеля

Джетикупи Уайт

Review on FTGFOP1 Jethikupi White 2017 ( Spring Blossom White 2017 ) by John Bickel

The tea is made from buds mixed with very light leaf material.  The dry tea scent and initial taste are fresh and fragrant, floral with a good bit of citrus.  It has a juicy, soft feel and sweet, drinkable character. 

That’s likely related in part to the plant type, listed as 157 clones.  The freshness ties to a floral tone in a unique way, like a light and sweet wildflower scent and taste.  The effect is bright, only hinting towards a light vegetal range.  It’s nothing like kale or spinach, instead like the scent of a picked flower that includes a fragrance from both the petals and also some hint of leaves and stem, with that not pronounced as the edge in a Dan Cong can be.

After initial infusions–more than one, related to using an approach in between Western and Gongfu styles–the tea transitions from a light wildflower floral scent to heavier tones, more towards orchid or plumeria.  Aspects complexity include a nice citrusy high note, in the range of orange zest, but lighter, in between tangerine and lemon instead.  Other fruit range is similar to the bright taste of juicy fruit gum, sweet and complex, not unlike pandan leaf or Fruity Pebbles cereal.  The fruit aspect is probably best described as a mix of different fruits, that citrus with peach and apricot, a bright version of those.  Other flavors fill in depth, more like dried hay or sunflower seed, with that range subdued related to the bright fruit and floral notes.  Altogether it’s a nice tea, very bright and fresh.

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