Rohini Maharani of Darjeeling – First Flush 2024 – Royal Series

$6.57 / Carton de 50 g

Le nom lui-même signifie reine de tous les thés, le meilleur Darjeeling Première chasse thé de Domaine de thé Rohini which stretches up to 4400 Ft. The pluckers are very careful while plucking the leaves and make sure only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. The leaves are mostly comprised of a single or two whole leaves and a bud. The leaves undergo a mild oxidation process to ensure all the exquisite flavors are prominently present. Then they are gently rolled which helps them in opening up by the pot when brewed. The dry leaves look greenish with lots of tips which gives a smooth and perfectly balanced cup. The texture is light yellow and bright amber cup liquor which will remind you of the freshness of Darjeeling hills. With each sip, you can immediately feel the fruity and sweet clean flavor. The tea is smooth with no astringency and has a taste of very mature and fruity tea.

The top elevation of Rohini which stretches from 1500 to 4400 FT is planted with the best quality clones. Also, the bushes are fresh as they have just come out of hibernation from the prolonged winter of almost 3 months from December to February. During the first flush also known as spring flush, we have 100% growing shoots and get excellent buds with either a single leaf or two leaves and a bud. The flavor is prominent as the weather is also very dry and cool which ensures very slow growth.

Les meilleurs thés Darjeeling first flush sont connus pour être légèrement oxydés. Ce thé est également fabriqué de la même manière mais il est suffisamment oxydé pour garantir que toutes les saveurs exquises sont bien présentes. Cette sensation de fraîcheur du thé Darjeeling est naturellement disponible.

La cueillette est d'une qualité si fine que le thé n'a besoin d'être trié qu'à la main et les machines utilisées pour fabriquer le thé sont nettement moins nombreuses. C'est un vrai délice et l'un de nos thés First Flush Darjeeling.

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Maharani de Darjeeling
Rohini Maharani of Darjeeling – First Flush 2024 – Royal Series
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